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M-6066-A506 psi (1)Satin1986-93 Except Cobra
M-6066-A51*9 psi (1,2)Satin1986-93 Except Cobra
M-6066-B506 psi (1,3)Satin1994-95 Except Cobra
NOTES: (1) Nominal boost value. Pressure may vary depending on inlet restrictions, outlet restrictions and ambient temperature. (2) Ford Racing fuel pump M-9407-C50 (see page 29) recommended. (3) Does not fit convertible SUPERCHARGING…THE EASY WAY TO MAKE MORE HORSEPOWER! Ford Racing’s supercharger kits are highly refined units. They are among the most efficient superchargers and offer many technical features nient superchargers and offer many technical features nient superchargers and offer many technical features nchnical features nient superchargers and offer many technical features not found in other centrifugal superchargers. FORD RACING SUPERCHARGER FEATURES More Power — Extremely efficient compressor reduces outlet temperature for cooler operation — resulting in more mass airflow and greater power. Unique curved-tip impeller produces more low end torque than conventional straight blade impeller. There is better mid-range power and unbelievable top end performance. Quieter Operation — Internal cogged-belt drive eliminates noisy and heat-transferring gears and balls. Cooler Running — Ultra high-speed aerospace ceramic bearings require no lubrication. Eliminates heat transferring oil and the needto plumb engine oil to the supercharger. Lower supercharger temperatures mean more power and longer life. Easy Installation — Without the need to plumb engine oil to the supercharger, installation is vastly simplified. Ford Racing supercharger kits fit completely under the hood and interface with all stock components. Everything you need to complete the installation is included (all brackets, hoses, clamps, nuts, bolts and even tie wraps)…plus very thorough instructions. Approximate installation time is six to seven hours. 50-States “Street Legal” (E.O. #D-308-2) — Ford Racing 6 lb. supercharger kits are “street legal” and can be installed on any 1986-95 5.0L Mustang. Daily driveability is unaffected. Your car will operate as smoothly and as reliably as it did in stock form. “MUSTANG MUSCLE” INSTALLATION (E.O. #D-308-2): Here‘s a typical installation with polished compressor shown. This 6 lb. Ford Racing supercharger kit (and most other Ford Racing 6 psi units) is “street legal” in all fifty states. It’s a great installation for enthusiasts looking for a substantial horsepower increase and instant “Mustang Muscle.” FOR RACE TRACKS: Ford Racing offers 9 lb. supercharger kits for 5.0L competition on race tracks. They provide the ultimate in power (up to 35-45% increase over production) from a centrifugal supercharger. CYLINDER HEAD GASKET RECOMMENDATIONS: High performance 5.0L gasket kit M-6051-A50 is recommended with the above superchargers. This gasket kit has been designed for the more demanding sealing requirements and includes two expanded graphite cylinder head gaskets, two high tech metal O-ring rocker cover gaskets and new torque-to-yield cylinder head bolts.
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Engine: Superchargers
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Not Available
Packaged Dimensions
15" x 15" x 31
Packaged Weight
48 lb(s)
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United States