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The Fiesta R2 is Ford's first global rally car and is based on the Ford Fiesta sedan hatchback model. The R2 has been built from a standard conversion kit developed by Ford's European Rally partner M-Sport. The kit to convert the car to rally specification includes engine parts to improve engine performance. The gearbox has also been replaced for a sequential shift unit with a limited slip differential, as have the brakes and suspension. Beyond these specific items, M-Sport has used as many standard Ford components as possible in order to reduce costs for the competitor.

The Fiesta R2 conversion kit compromises of: Roll Cage Kit, Welded Items Kit (Engine mounts etc), Hood & Hatch Pin Kit, Engine Mounting Kit, R2 Engine Kit, Air Intake Kit, Exhaust System, Gearbox Assembly Kit, Gearchange Kit, Complete R2 Driveshaft Kit, R2 Clutch Kit, Steering Kit, Tarmac or Gravel Brake Kit (Discs and Pads), Brake Upgrade Kit (Calipers, brake lines and fittings), Handbrake Assembly Kit, Front Suspension Upgrade Kit, Tarmac or Gravel Damper Kit, Tarmac or Gravel spring kit, Rear Beam Upgrade Kit, Auxiliary wiring loom kit, Engine Management Kit, Battery Kit, Cooling Kit (Radiator and hoses), Fuel Ancillary Kit (Rollover Valve, Fuel lines and fittings), Interior Panel Kit (Door panels and innerrear ¼ panels and fittings), Seats and Restraints Kit, Demisting Kit, Fire Extinguisher System, Spare Wheel Ratchet Strap Kit, Co-Driver Footrest Kit, Windscreen Washer Kit, Protection Kit (Tank Guard & Fuel Filler Protection), Sumpguard Kit.

Ford Fiesta R2 Rally kit is available exclusively through Team O'Neil Motorsports Contact: 1-603-444-4488.

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