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tech notes

  • Fits 302 EFI, 351W EFI, point and Duraspark distributors with .531" diameter shaft
  • Compatible with billet steel hydraulic roller camshafts NOTE: Distributor gears do not have pre-drilled holes, see Distributor Gear Instruction Sheet.
    M-12390-ACast IronOrange1.249"0.467"289/302 hydraulic flat tappet engines with point-type or Duraspark distributors. 1
    M-12390-BSteelNone1.249"0.467"302 with steel billet and production roller camshaft with point-type or Duraspark distributors. 1
    M-12390-CBronzeBronze1.249"0.467"All 289/302 engines with point-type or Duraspark distributors. 1
    M-12390-FSteelYellow1.249"0.531"All 302/351W hydraulic roller tappet engines with EFI and 351W Duraspark. 1
    M-12390-GCast IronGreen1.421"0.531"All 351C/351M/400/429/460 engines. 1
    M-12390-HBronzeBronze with Green Stripe1.421"0.531"All 351C/351M/400/429/460 engines. 1
    M-12390-KPolymerNone1.249"0.467"289/302 all camshafts with point or Duraspark distributors
    M-12390-LPolymerNone1.249"0.531"302EFI/all 351W all camshafts
    Material Selection Notes:
  • Cast iron gears are compatible with cast iron camshafts (hydraulic or solid flat tappet type).
  • Steel gears are compatible with billet steel camshafts (hydraulic roller tappet type).
  • Bronze gears can be used with either cast iron or billet steel camshafts. They are usually recommended by manufacturers of aftermarket billet steel solid roller tappet camshafts. Since the bronze is softer than cast iron or steel, it will wear at a faster rate.
  • Polymer gears are compatible with all camshafts.
  • 1Distributor gears do not have pre-drilled holes.
    See instructions included with part, call the Techline (1-800-FORD788) for a faxed copy, or visit


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1.5 x 5 x 7.5
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0.5 lbs
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Electrical: Distributors
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United States
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