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tech notes

M-6316-A50**302 (1981-93)50 oz.-in. (1)Meets SFI 18-1 (5)12.1
M-6316-B351*NASCAR 351Neutral (2)3-bolt pulley9.1
M-6316-C351*302/351 HO28.2 oz.-in. (1)Meets SFI 18-1 (5)11.5
M-6316-D351*351Neutral (2)Same as B351. Only Aluminum hub, Meets SFI 18-1 (3,4)7.0
M-6316-F351*351 Ford RacingNeutral Meets SFI 18-1, Aluminum hub (4)8.7
M-6316-C380*4.5L Ford Racing V-6, 351 Ford RacingNeutralNot recommended for V-8 use above 8200 RPM6.6
M-6316-A460*429/460NeutralMeets SFI 18-110.1
M-6316-D461*4.6L 2-VNeutralMeets SFI 18-19.8
NOTES: (1) Damper has removable weight that allows use as a neutral balance unit for internally balanced crankshafts. 1994-01 Mustang and Explorer requires modification. (2) This 6.9" diameter damper is designed for high RPM continuous operation. It requires machining to stock water pump for clearance. (3) Clears Yates Belt Drive (4) Recommended for drag race only (5) Does not clear early timing chain cover with rear installed seal.


Package Dimensions:
5 x 7.5 x 8
Package Weight:
7.9 lbs
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Engine: Crankshafts
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Not Available
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Not Available
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United States
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