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Sealed Racing Engine Tech Information

347SR & 347JR Engine Kit Information

N351 Ford Racing “Sportsman” Short Track Cast Iron Cylinder Head


Ford Racing offers the widest line of Sealed Racing Engines – from 350 to 590 HP. Ford Sealed Racing Engines are engineered, tested and built to professional racing series standards and deliver reliable lasting performance. These aren't built from repackaged production parts – but real racing parts like Forged Crank, Rods and Pistons with full floating piston pins. Based on the proven Ford Racing BOSS Series race blocks these engines deliver Pole Setting Power with reliable and consistent performance lap after lap – RIGHT OUT OF THE CRATE.

Ford Sealed Racing Engines are approved in these major Racing Series and more:

  • ARCA Truck Series
  • CRA Super Series
  • Jeg's All-Star Tour
  • UARA Stars
  • ACT – American Canadian Tour
  • Southeast Limited Late Model Series
  • ASA Midwest Tour
  • Bridgeport Speedway Modified Series
  • Southeast limited Late Model Series
  • Kingsport Speedway
  • Airborne Speedway
  • Blizzard Super and Pro-Late Model Series

5 Reasons why Ford Sealed Racing Engines deliver real value to Racers and Track Operators

  1. Ford Sealed Racing Engines are designed, developed and tested for racing applications – These are NOT repackaged production engines
  2. Ford Sealed Racing Engines are machined and assembled with racing clearances for reliable high speed operation
  3. Ford Sealed Racing Engines are built with premium Ford Racing and Aftermarket racing parts from Mahle, COMP, PAC, Edelbrock, Callies, SCAT and Eagle
  4. Ford Racing has a full time dedicated Program Manager and dedicated Engineer to support Short Track Racing
  5. Ford Sealed Racing Engines are hand assembled in the USA

Follow the build of a Ford NASCAR Late Model Stock Car engine based on the new BOSS 351 block and N351 Sportsman Cylinder Head.
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