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Ford Racing Calibrations are required when installing one of our cold air kits or supercharger kits because the calibration is created specifically for each FRPP upgrade. Ford Racing Engineers have years of experience with performance calibrations as many supported the development of production vehicles prior to joining the Ford Racing team. Considering their knowledge, access to Ford Motor systems and test facilities, no one is better equipped to manage the performance of your Ford engine and Ford control system than a Ford Engineer.

While some folks are content to do some tweaking, run one dyno pull and send you on your way, Ford Racing does extensive testing and validates at all extremes. So whether it is 20 degrees below zero or you live in an area of the country with a higher elevation, you will enjoy exceptional drivability. Great care is taken to provide as much power and torque as can be safely delivered while ensuring exceedingly high durability. Most of our cold air kits and supercharger kits are also 50-state emissions legal and many are now offered with a warranty when dealer installed. Ford Racing calibrations are available via ProCal or DealerDownload. To learn more about Ford Racing calibrations, see the Links section below.

*Note* ProCal tool may be certified preowned.

*Note* Online registration process currently supports 2004 to 2014 Vehicles. Questions on Procal? Call the Ford Racing techline at 1-800-FORD-788.

Performance Calibrations

ProCal is included in select Ford Racing Cold Air Kits, Power Upgrade Packages, and Supercharger Kits.

Ford Racing Performance Calibrations are engineered to generate optimal horsepower and torque, while delivering:

- Engine Durability
- Exceptional Drivability
- 50-State Emissions Compliancy

  • Enhanced features: now accepts input for axle ration and tire size
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Step-by-step calibration loading instructions
  • OBD II diagnostic code display capability

Trust Ford Racing's ProCal to unlock your vehicles potential without putting your powertrain at risk

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