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Do You Want to Race a Mustang in the Grand Am Cup?

The popularity of road racing at a grassroots level has soared in the last few years and to the Ford enthusiast few vehicles make better racecars than Mustangs. For those enthusiasts looking to take their first step into professional road racing, Ford Racing has your needs met with the new 2005 Mustang FR500C.

Ford Racing offers two ways to get a driver behind the wheel of a 2005 Grand Am Cup Mustang. The first solution is a turnkey racecar ready to be driven to victory. That's the Mustang FR500C. The second option is a number of race ready parts that are available to the private builder.


    A turnkey ready to run steed! The Mustang FR500C features the following...
  • Ford Racing designed body and roll cage. Seam welded, Grand Am spec cage, attachment points and enclosures specifically for racing.
  • Ford Racing 5.0L "Cammer R50" engine. The heart of this purpose built machine mated to our unique Tremec T56transmission.
  • Ford Racing brake and suspension upgrades
  • Full safety equipment
  • Add driver and look for victory lane
  • Price: $125,000

Ford Racing Parts for privateer builders...


  • 5.0L "Cammer R50" race engine package. This is the only engine package Grand Am currently allowed for the 2005 Mustang. This is the same engine used in the Ford Racing Mustang FR500C racecar.
  • This package includes:
    • M-6007-R50 engine assembly
    • M-9430-R50 exhaust manifolds
    • M-12637-T50G engine harness
    • M-14403-T50G interior harness
    • M-12650-R50 ECU (engine control unit)


  • This is the only transmission package approved for Grand Am Cup racing in a 2005 Mustang. This package was developed by Ford Racing and Tremec Transmission for use in the Ford RacingMustang FR500C racecar.
  • This kit includes:
    • M-7003-T56R 6 speed transmission with low helix 4615 steel alloy gears, one piece counter shaft, heavy duty pads, slip yoke configuration.
    • M-5059-R transmission crossmember and urethane mount
    • Production '05 throwout bearing which maintains hydralic clutch actuation

Additional Ford Racing Performance Parts legal for Grand Am Cup:

For more information on Ford Racing Performance Parts components or to inquire on how to purchase a Ford Racing Mustang FR500C please contact our Tech Hotline at 586-468-1356.