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FORD RACING Offers Ford GT Production Hardware, Plus Performance and Appearance Enhancements

  • Ford Racing Performance Parts will offer production hardware from the Ford GT supercar, as well as some unique Ford GT performance and appearance upgrades.
  • The Ford GT's 550-horsepower 5.4-liter DOHC supercharged V8 and other individual components will be added to the Ford Racing catalog.
  • Among the performance parts upgrades for Ford GT owners will be an exhaust system, including headers and muffler, a short-throw shifter and a transaxle cooler.

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2 - Ford Racing announced at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association (SEMA) show that performance hardware from Ford's supercar, the 2005 Ford GT, will soon be available in their Performance Parts catalog. What's more, Ford GT owners will be able to choose from a selection of performance and appearance upgrades for their own supercar.

Ford performance enthusiasts looking for the ultimate powertrain for any unique or custom application can now buy the same complete engine and transaxle assembly that is installed in the most spectacular Ford performance vehicle to ever come out of a Ford factory - the 2005 Ford GT. Plus, the engine block and cylinder heads may be purchased separately.

There is also good news for lucky owners of the new Ford GT. FRPP will be offering a variety of performance and high-end appearance enhancements that will help them tailor their factory supercar to their own particular tastes.

For those seeking a high-efficiency, bolder-sounding exhaust, a complete performance exhaust system - from a set of tuned engine exhaust headers right back through the muffler - will not only provide a power increase but also a more authoritative engine note from idle to wide-open throttle. The new system, sourced from Borla, is expected to be a popular bolt-on upgrade.

Other Ford GT performance items appearing in the initial catalog parts offering include a transaxle cooler kit for track use, as well as a shorter-throw competition-feel shifter.

"The Ford GT is the ultimate expression of Ford Performance and we're excited to be able to provide the exceptional hardware from our supercar," said Jamie Allison, Manager, Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP). "FRPP will be the only place to go for performance upgrades for the Ford GT."

To help owners add some subtle specialty touches to their cars, a selection of tasteful appearance items will also be available. Billet caps for the coolant and intercooler overflow bottles, as well as for the oil tank, will help set off the engine compartment. Inside, a billet shift ball and functional protective seat covers are available. And many more items are still being developed.

"From the Ford Focus all the way up to the Ford GT, FRPP is working hard to bring to market the right parts at the right price for all Ford performance enthusiasts - no matter what they drive," Allison added. "And more is being added to the pipeline every month, so stay tuned."