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Competition Crate Engines

Engine Build Up Engine Warranty Tips and Specs

Modular Competition Engines

Part NumberM-6007-A50XS*M-6007-A50NA*M-6007-A50SC*M-6007-M50
Displacement3023023025.0L 4V
TorqueTBD400 ft./lbs.TBD390 ft./lbs
Comp. Ratio11.0:1 11.0:19.5:111.0:1
Calibration Coden/an/an/aN/A
AssemblyDressed Minus Minus A/C and alternatorDressed Minus Minus A/C and alternatorDressed Minus Minus A/C and alternatorDressed Minus A/C and alternator
AvailabilityAvailable April 2013Available NowAvailable NowAvailable Now

302 Small Block Competition Engines

Part NumberM-6007-X302*M-6007-X302E*M-6007-X302B*M-6007-Z363FT*M-6007-Z363RT*
Torque310 ft./lbs.310 ft./lbs.310 ft./lbs.450 ft./lbs.450 ft./lbs.
BlockReconditioned Production BlockBoss 302Boss 302Boss 302Boss 302
Comp. Ratio9.0:19.0:19.0:110.0:110.0:1
HeadsX306 GT-40X306 GT-40X306 GT-40M-6049-Z304DAM-6049-Z304DA
CamshaftE303 Hydraulic RollerE303 Hydraulic RollerB303 Hydraulic RollerHydraulic RollerHydraulic Roller
Crank3.00" Cast Crank 50oz. Imbalance3.00" Forged Neutral BalanceCrank3.00" Forged Neutral BalanceCrank3.00" Forged Neutral BalanceCrank3.00" Forged Neutral BalanceCrank
RodForged I-beam 5.090"Forged I-beam 5.090"Forged I-beam 5.090"Forged I-beam 5.040"Forged I-beam 5.040"
Pistons4.030" Lightweight Forged4.000" Lightweight Forged4.000" Lightweight Forged4.125" Lightweight Forged4.125" Lightweight Forged
IntakeNo IntakeNo IntakeNo IntakeNo IntakeNo Intake
DistributorNo DistributorNo DistributorNo DistributorNo DistributorNo Distributor
Valve Cover302-070M-6582-BOSS302M-6582-BOSS302M-6582-BOSSM-6582-BOSS
Oil PanProductionProductionProductionFront or Rear SumpFront or Rear Sump
WaterpumpSerpentine Belt/V-BeltSerpentine BeltSerpentine BeltV-BeltV-Belt
AvailabilityAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable Now

351 Based Competition Engines

Part NumberM-6007-X427FFT*M-6007-X427FRT*M-6007-Z427FFT*M-6007-Z427AFT
Torque520 ft./lbs.520 ft./lbs.545 ft/lbs.TBD
BlockBoss 351Boss 351Boss 351Aluminum Block
Comp. Ratio10.5:110.5:110.5:110.5:1
HeadsM-6049-X306M-6049-X306Z304DA High FlowZ304P High Flow
CamshaftHydraulic RollerHydraulic RollerHydraulic RollerSolid Roller
Crank4" Stroke Forged Steel4" Stroke Forged Steel4" Stroke Forged Steel4" Stroke Forged Steel
Pistons4.125" Forged4.125" Forged4.125" Forged4.125" Forged
Valve CoverM-4582-W427BM-4582-W427BM-6582-W427BM-6582-W427B
Oil Pan7Qt Front T-Pan7Qt Front T-Pan7Qt Front T-Pan7Qt Front T-Pan
7Qt Rear T-Pan7Qt Rear T-Pan
WaterpumpSerpentine Belt and V-BeltSerpentine Belt and V-BeltSerpentine Belt and V-BeltSerpentine Belt and V-Belt
AvailabilityAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable Now

Sealed Race Competition Engines

Part NumberM-6007-D347SR*M-6007-S347JR*M-6007-S374W*
BlockBOSS 302BOSS 302Boss 351
SeriesASA Late Model, ASA, SE, GAS, SUPERPRO, FASCARAmerican Canadian TourASA Late Model And NASRA Dirt Late Model Series
Comp. Ratio10.0:110.0:111.0:1
HeadsZ304A High FlowM-6049-X306CM-6049-Z304PA
CamshaftF303 Hydraulic Roller CamCOMP Hydraulic Roller CamCOMP Grind - Solid Flat Tappet
Crank3.40" Forged Steel3.40" Forged Steel3.50" Forged Steel
PistonsForged Flat TopForged Flat TopForged Flat Top with Valve Relief
IntakeVictor Jr. Single PlanePerformer RPM Air GapEdelbrock Super Victor Intake manifold
DistributorMSD BilletMSD BilletMSD Billet
Valve CoverFord Racing PolishedFord Racing PolishedFord Racing Polished
Oil Pan7Qt Oval Track7Qt Oval Track7Qt Oval Track
WaterpumpV BeltV BeltRibbed Belt
UseAsphalt and Dirt Crate SeriesAsphalt and Dirt Crate SeriesASA Late Model And NASRA Dirt Late Model Series
AvailabilityAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable Now